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Spousal and Child Support Lawyer Delaware, Ohio

Spousal and child support attorney in Delaware, Ohio with integrity

The issues surrounding child and spousal support deserve to be treated with respect and great care. The rules governing child support payments are specific, whereas the courts have a significant amount of leeway in determining spousal support.

At the Owens Law Office, we handle the complexities of spousal and child support for you. As a child support attorney in Delaware, Ohio, Robert M. Owens has more than 10 years of experience helping parents and divorcing spouses reach agreements that are fair and reasonable.

The fundamentals of Ohio child support

Ohio has instituted specific guidelines regarding child support. The combined gross income of the two parents supplies the basis for the support payments, though deductions are allowed in some circumstances. When deciding on payments, the court reviews:

  • Additional sources of income
  • Medical insurance costs
  • Medical expenses of treatment costs
  • Daycare costs
  • The number of children in the family
  • the number of children from previous partnerships

At our firm, a child support lawyer in Delaware, Ohio reviews your insurance policies, your financial records and your financial history and submits your paperwork properly to the court. We draft support agreement plans in cases where one parent is willing and able to provide additional child support. We also create child support modification agreements if the financial circumstances of either parent changes significantly enough to warrant recalculation of support payments.

What you need to know about spousal support

In Ohio, there are no designated guidelines for determining spousal support. In some cases, the support payments may be temporary, while in others they may be permanent. The most commonly used factors in spousal support considerations include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The income of the dependent spouse
  • The educational levels of each spouse
  • The earning potential of each spouse
  • The health of each spouse, both mental and physical

At the Owens Law Office, we represent clients on either side of the spousal support issue. We strive to create fair and adequate agreements regarding support payments and can draft modifications if needed.  When you want a Delaware, Ohio spousal support lawyer who puts your needs first, Robert M. Owens can help.

Call a family lawyer in Delaware, Ohio who can answer your questions regarding support payments

At the Owens Law Office, we handle the details of child and spousal support so you and your spouse can focus on yourselves and your children. To set up your free initial consultation with a family law attorney, call us at 740.513.3292 or contact us online. Evening hours are available upon request.

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