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Child Custody Lawyer Delaware, Ohio

Child custody lawyer in Delaware, Ohio offers accountability to his clients for more than 10 years

In Ohio, the court determines which parent retains custody of the children based on the children’s best interest, with children’s safety and security as the primary factor.

At the Owens Law Office, we understand your desire to maintain the well-being of your children. Robert M. Owens, a child custody attorney in Delaware, Ohio, can assist you in drafting a parenting plan to submit to the court to help you make your case for custody. We can also work with you and your spouse to create a parenting and visitation plan through mediation efforts.

Determining child custody in Ohio

A number of mitigating factors may be involved in the court’s decision to grant primary custody to you, your spouse or both of you in cases of joint custody. When making its decision, the court may consider:

  • Parental earning capability
  • Past conduct
  • Family relations
  • Parental financial worth
  • Medical histories
  • Parental character

Providing the court with evidence that you and your spouse are capable of making mature, rational decisions together about the welfare of your children may help your case in court. When a mutual agreement cannot be formed, we can help by building a case for you. Robert M. Owens is a child custody lawyer in Delaware, Ohio who has years of experience gathering evidence for his clients’ specific cases.

Obtaining the results you want

When you work with the Owens Law Office, you have an entire team of dedicated and competent professionals on your side. Delaware, Ohio child custody lawyer Robert M. Owens works with parents of both traditional and non-conventional families to ensure that the children are cared for first. Some of the methods he may employ include:

  • Attending court hearings. People who attend custody hearings without an attorney are often frustrated or confused by what they hear. We translate the court proceedings into layman’s terms and prepare the briefs that we present at the hearings.
  • Filing the paperwork. So much of the law revolves around filing documentation in a timely and efficient manner. Our team handles the paperwork for you, or we give you the option to file it yourself (if it is legal to do so) to save you money.
  • Drafting the agreement. Once custody has been assigned, an agreement must be created and signed by both you and your spouse before it can be filed in court. We draft agreements as well as agreement modifications if a change needs to be made in the future.

The safety and security of your child is our number one priority. We offer direct, candid advice about how to proceed with a custody agreement and parenting plan that protect your children.

Explore your legal options with a skilled Delaware, Ohio family law attorney

Family law matters deserve to be treated with discretion and dignity. At the Owens Law Office, we respect your need to protect your children as best you can. To schedule an appointment with a reputable child custody lawyer, contact our firm online or call us at 740.513.3292.

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