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There are few areas of law more delicate than family law. And there are few legal actions that can wreak such emotional havoc on you and your loved ones.  Legal issues surrounding families, marriages and children require level-headed, creative and reasonable solutions.  Known for implementing these qualities in practice, Attorney Robert Owens can help you with sensitive matters such as:

Terminating Your Marriage

Not all marriages have to end in a devastating and costly Divorce.  If both parties are in agreement to the terms of the separation including the division of property and allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, a Dissolution is a quicker, easier and less expensive method for terminating a marriage.

An Annulment would completely void a marriage when certain factors exist such as fraud and a Legal Separation would enable you to formally separate while remaining legally married.

Post Decree Matters

After a marriage is terminated many times disagreements arise or circumstances change giving rise to further court involvement to modify Spousal Support or Child Support or to reallocate Parental Rights such as Visitation and Custody.

Prenuptial Agreements

Entering into a Prenuptial Agreement can prevent many of the financial pitfalls that often accompany the termination of a marriage.

Paternity Actions / DNA Testing

When a child is born out of wedlock, the father’s Paternity must be established for his parental rights and responsibilities to be recognized and allocated.

Step-Parent Adoption

The most common form of adoption allows a step-parent to be fully responsible for his or her spouse's child, thus ceasing the rights and responsibilities of the absent biological parent.

Grandparent Visitation

Grandparents who have established a relationship with a grandchild may be granted reasonable companionship or visitation rights if the court determines it is in the best interest of the child(ren).

Seek the advice of a trusted family lawyer in Delaware, Ohio

We understand that in the midst of a family legal matter you want to avoid additional family-related stress. We work more efficiently so you can move forward with your life. To schedule a free initial consultation, call the Owens Law Office today at 740.513.3292 or contact our firm online.

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