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Defense Attorney Handles Your Misdemeanors in Delaware, Ohio

Delaware, Ohio criminal defense attorney serving with integrity for more than 10 years

A misdemeanor conviction can lead to fines, probation or even time spent in jail. And since a conviction stays on your record, you could face some difficulties later on in life when applying for jobs or insurance.

At the Owens Law Office, we understand that you may be frightened or confused. We also understand that most fears are based on uncertainty. We offer you clear, candid advice about your best course of action. Reputable criminal defense attorneys in Ohio make sure you understand exactly what the charges are against you, as well as how to build your defense. But Robert M. Owens is a former prosecutor. He bases his defense strategies on insights gained from that position, insights that help his clients preserve their liberties and way of life.

Common types of misdemeanors

Misdemeanors are usually determined by their severity. They’re considered less serious than felonies, therefore, the punishments are less severe. The most common misdemeanors usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Crimes against property. Vandalism or trespassing charges are common misdemeanors. Petty theft — where the value of the items stolen is below a specific amount — is also considered a misdemeanor.
  • Crimes against people. Harassment falls under this category, as does assault — provided there was no weapon involved. Domestic violence charges are also considered misdemeanors. You may also be arrested if you threaten another person with violence.
  • Violations of public safety. Certain offenses, such as loitering, carry lesser punishments that usually include smaller fines or community service. Crimes such as a DUI arrest or prostitution are more severe. There are also specific drug crimes that may fall into this category.

We offer creative solutions to your defense

The Owens Law Office is a results-oriented firm. With us, you get a Delaware, Ohio criminal defense attorney who works hard and analyzes different approaches to your case to choose the best option for you. Some of our services may include:

  • Records review. We want to see exactly what’s written down about you and the charges against you. If there are discrepancies in the records, we find them.
  • Witness interviews. Witness stories may change even slightly with each retelling. We want to hear what the witnesses themselves have to say about the event.
  • Teamwork. We believe that two heads are better than one. We use a team approach to research and paperwork to save time and money.

At the Owens Law Office, you receive the help of dedicated professionals, eager to roll up their sleeves and dig in to your case. We belong to a class of Delaware, Ohio criminal defense attorneys who believes that finding the right strategy is more important than taking the easy way out. We pay attention to the details so we can use them to your advantage later.

Let a skilled criminal defense attorney in Delaware, Ohio examine your case

If you make a mistake, we don’t believe you should suffer needlessly. That’s why we use whatever means are at our disposal to help you obtain the best possible outcome. To schedule a free initial consultation, call the Owens Law Office at 740.513.3292 or contact us online.

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