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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Delaware, Ohio

Criminal defense attorney in Delaware, Ohio treating clients with integrity for more than 10 years

Domestic violence is a serious charge. A conviction can lead to thousands of dollars in fines and up to five years in prison. It can also have serious and long-lasting repercussions. A skilled attorney can mitigate those repercussions by developing a strong case for your defense.

At the Owens Law Office, you find a Delaware, Ohio criminal defense attorney who takes his responsibilities as your defender seriously. Robert M. Owens spent years as a state prosecutor. He understands exactly how the opposing counsel thinks about domestic violence cases.

The fundamentals of domestic violence

The criminal defense attorneys and their clients. To be charged, one of the following actions must occur against a family or household member:

  • You attempt to cause or recklessly cause bodily injury
  • You cause another household member to fear that you will cause him or her serious physical harm
  • You commit any act on or with a child that can be defined as abusive
  • You commit any sexually-oriented offense

The penalties associated with a domestic violence charge rely upon the type of charge you are facing and any previous convictions you may have. These may also influence whether your charge is a felony or a misdemeanor.

We offer a variety of possible defenses

At the Owens Law Office, we understand the impact of a domestic violence conviction on your future.  We offer a variety of solutions, ranging from traditional to innovative. Together, we decide on the best course of action. Some of those strategies may include:

  • Claiming self-defense. You have a right to defend yourself from bodily harm. If you believe your accuser was planning to hurt you, a self-defense strategy may be applicable.
  • Claiming protective actions. You may be facing domestic violence charges based on your response to the implied physical harm of someone else in your household. If, for example, you were protecting your children or a younger sibling, we may be able to have your charges dismissed.
  • Denying intent. Much of your potential conviction rests on the opposing counsel’s ability to prove your intentions at the time. We craft cases around the destruction of that claim of intent.

While domestic violence charges are serious, they’re not indefensible. An accomplished criminal defense attorney in our Delaware, Ohio law firm designs your defense around the specifics of your case.

Schedule a free initial consultation with a domestic violence defense lawyer

Neither a lapse in judgment nor a misunderstanding should be able to destroy your future. At the Owens Law Office, we strive to ensure that it doesn’t. To speak with a qualified domestic violence defense attorney, contact our office online or call us at 740.513.3292.

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