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Civil Litigation Lawyer Delaware, Ohio

More than 10 years providing efficient service to Delaware County, Ohio

Bringing or defending a civil law suit is very much like a battle, but mastery of the facts, effective motion practice, aggressive discovery, and trial strategy consistently form a winning combination.  A serious and zealous advocate, Attorney Robert M. Owens can represent your legal interests before municipal, state and federal courts in the following areas:

Civil Protection Order

A person who is afraid of imminent physical harm from another person can file a petition asking the court for a civil protection order.  You don’t need an Attorney to begin this process.  You can obtain instructions here or contact your local victim services through the County Prosecutor’s office.

A civil protection order is a quasi-civil, quasi-criminal proceeding which can be a wild west and resulting in abuse of this process.  If a CPO is issued against someone, they are placed on a national criminal database for 10 years.

Attorney Robert Owens has extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending civil protection orders.  Attention to detail, thorough discovery and access to various forensic experts can make all the difference, especially under tight deadlines.

Contract Dispute / Breach of Contract

When one person fails to fulfill their duties under a contract a court can order a damages award or equitable remedy.  But contract law can be complicated with filing procedures, deadlines and evidentiary limitations.  Attorney Robert Owens can help you successfully navigate these challenges.  To avoid contract disputes, Attorney Robert Owens can help you negotiate the terms of a contract before you make or accept an offer.

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For more than a decade, Robert Owens has been helping clients with simple and complex civil litigation matters.  To schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney, contact the Owens Law Office at 740.513.3292 or online. Let us help you when you need it most.

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